Senior Election Speeches


Tony Lu

Hello Class of 2017! I am running to be your class president because not only do I understand the arduous journey that it took for all of you to get to this point in your life but I have also experienced it alongside you. From the hardest of AP classes to the funnest extracurricular activities, it has been a whirlwind that threw us into a frenzy since we first stepped into the halls of Langham Creek three years ago. The slow transition into independency has been grueling, but I want to be that crutch that you all can rely on. I want everyone’s memories of high school to be special and last as long as possible and I am always ready to listen to your ideas. I am ready to accept the challenge and apply all that I know from my pool of knowledge. This pool in not a kiddie pool but one that is full of a plethora of experiences; such as, being officers in clubs (Student Council, Key Club, and even my own student company!), launching initiatives in order to raise money, and even Langham Creek has prepared me for the strenuous task at hand. I know the responsibility that this role needs, and let me assure you I am more than ready for the challenge. By applying what I know, I want to make senior easy on you and your pockets. In doing so, I hope to raise the school spirit and pull together ideas to make people more excited about Prom, pep rallies/sporting events, and graduation! I am confident in my ability to support all of you so vote for me!

M’Lin Register

Hello class of 2017! My name is M’Lin Register and I am running for your senior class president. As your president my main goal would be to make this year your most memorable. I want to be the people's voice to guarantee we are heard. I want to create a fun environment for every senior at LCHS. But most importantly I would like to make out last year end with a bang.

I have had previous leadership roles in other activities I'm involved in at Langham and outside of Langham. I was a social officer in choir last year and I am one this year as well. I am also currently the track captain of your lady Lobos track team. I am a hard worker, well mannered individual who enjoys making others happy. I feel I am highly qualified to do this job and do it well. When the time comes make sure to check,M’Lin Register, as you senior class president. Stay happy Langham Creek. 

Dean McLennan

Langham Creek, my name is Den McLennan, and from the first day I arrived at Langham Creek High School, I knew I wanted to become more involved. From offering my best effort in clubs such as FCA and SPARKS, I consistently spend time in leadership roles and try to make this school an even better place than it already is. It probably won’t surprise you that I have decided to run for President of this beautiful class of 2017; I will strive to continue to make improvements in the school for every student here at Langham Creek High. As president, I vow to end all homework. Just kidding, I can’t do that, but what I can do is be your voice with the school administration and work to make this the best year Langham Creek has ever had. I will introduce ideas for events, and we’ll work together to help our community through volunteer work and showing them just how dedicated the students at Langham are. I would appreciate your vote for president. If elected, I will continue to fight for the things that are important to students, no matter how big or small they might be. Let’s work together to make our stamp on our community, our world, and on this beautiful class of 2017. With your help, I will make Langham Creek Greater than it already is.

Vice President

Clairise Gamez

When I walked into Langham Creek on the first day of my freshmen year, I knew that I wanted to be more involved in the school and help make a difference for my graduating class and the entire student body. From being in soccer, volleyball, wrestling, HOSA and other various clubs, I know how to organize and sort out my priorities and get the job done correctly. This can be seen through by the way I balance my extracurricular activities and my continuous, sustained academic success.  By this, I will strive and lead to be a great addition to this schools official student representative.

Erin Haven

Hello my name is Erin Haven. I’m a running for Senior Class Vice President--Class of 2017. The office of Vice President requires great leadership skills, a sense of responsibility, trustworthiness , and humbleness, which are qualities that I possess and plan to exhibit as Vice President. I am very aware of social surroundings with the Lobo Nation and in our community. I am a leader in a Scholarship program, as well as a leader in my church youth ministry. Getting to know new people and being able to communicate with others is something that I truly love.  I’m determined to lead and assist my class with any problem that may come and will be a dedicated leader for my fellow peers. I will work to the best of my ability with the other leaders to make Langham Creek High School a better place to be.  

Over the years, I have gotten to know a great deal of people and I have drawn closer to recognize that we have similar hopes and dreams, though we may be different.  I have developed my ability to interact, communicate, and understand the needs and desires of us students. In addition, I have gained important listening skills, which will help me to be able to convey exactly what you ask me to help you achieve by being your voice. I believe, and I will make sure that I will be able to voice our needs to develop and execute any programs, ideas, and activities that you may put forward.  

I am committed to making our final year of high school a thriving, victorious, and enjoyable experience.  One of my core strengths is my ability to organize and multi task under pressure, such as maintaining and caring about my grades to set a high quality example.  Also, we all know how busy and anxious school gets the night before exams, and how hectic we may all be before SATs and ACTs and sometimes, even sporting events that we may want to attend. By being well prepared and organized, I will do the best job I can to do everything swiftly and quickly to meet the needs and wants of you all. I am excited to be running for this big and important job, but I am up for the challenge! 


Vernesha Hazel

Warren G. Bennis once said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. We all have or have had some vision of what our senior year would look like at some point. Now that our senior year has arrived, it’s time to turn that vision into reality. Even if things haven’t worked out perfectly thus far, we still have many opportunities to make this year our best year yet. With many positions and much leadership experience under my belt, I promise to put the skills that I’ve acquired along the way to good use exactly where they’re needed. As senior class secretary, I vow to be a voice and an advocate for my fellow peers and represent their requests. Where my voice is heard, I will ensure that it reflects the wishes of my classmates. With your support and your votes, Class of 2017 will have an amazing senior year. Vote for me, Vernesha Hazel, as senior class secretary.


Tanaya Behramsha

Hello fellow students,

My name is Tanaya Behramsha and I am running for the officer position of treasurer for the 2016-2017 school year. I am a responsible, trustworthy, and determined student who is ready to work hard to make our school better in any way possible.

I have had previous leadership experience as being junior class Treasurer for the 2015-2016 year as well as treasurer of my Youth Group at the Zoroastrian Association of Houston. Additionally, I currently have officer positions for Rho Kappa Honor Society and Student Council; however, I would aim to make my class officer duties a top priority. These experiences have also provided me with valuable knowledge in handling money well and being efficient with the funds available. Lastly, I’ve gained valuable coordination and planning skills within a group setting through my past  

I promise to contribute new and exciting ideas to the LCHS class of 2017 and do my best to put them into action. Also I will try and be a representative voice for my class when making any necessary decisions with the other officers.

I am always open to suggestions, I work great with others and I would love the opportunity to serve as your Treasurer this school year. I am confident that I will make a great class treasurer and that we will have an amazing senior year! I really appreciate your vote! Thank you and have an amazing day!

Makera Moore

This year I wish to be more involved with Langham Creek. Thankfully I have already had leadership positions so I am able to work under pressure. I have learned that each leadership position i’m in requires different set of skills and the ability to work with others. Hopefully with choosing me as 2016-2017 Langham Creek Treasure you will give me your trust that I can benefit the student body.

I boast anyone running against me because going for this is a win by itself. I personally am hopeful that I do win and not because I played dirty but because the student body chose me. With being in this positions comes with a sense of maturity and being able to find a balance in everything without letting something suffer because of another.

I’m an upbeat positive person with a odd outlook on life. I tend to be insane while being able to be professional when required. I’m really connected with the Aps and Counselors for positive things obviously. I’ve attended Langham Creek all four years so I know what this school needs to do for its student body to make this year a year that will make people say “that year was lit”.

If you’ve made it this far than you’ve read all that i’ve had to say and I thank you for that. I can only hope my realness will earn your vote. 

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