Code of Conduct

Langham Creek follows all district policies on Code of Conduct. Click on the link below get more information.

Code of Conduct Policy

Electronic Device Policy

Cellular/Electronic devices are permitted to be used during passing periods and in the commons during lunch. Cellular phones and electronic devices are not permitted to be used in teacher’s classrooms unless approved by the teacher and used as a learning tool in the classroom.  Students may use ONLY one ear during passing periods and lunches in order to preserve a safe communication environment; at no time can they have a second earbud in, draped, around or near their second ear -  Students are not permitted to use both ear buds at any time while in the building.  Absolutely NO over the ear OR noise cancelling headphones are allowed in the building at any time (This means they are NEVER ALLOWED!).  Students in violation of the ear bud policy will have their ear buds/headphones confiscated and will be subject to discipline consequences.  Your items WILL be confiscated if they are not within the guidelines of the policy and a parent will need to come and pick them up!  Misuse of electronic policy in the classroom will result in confiscation of the device by your teacher and will result in a $15 administrative fee in accordance with the Texas Education Code and a discipline consequence.  (No checks are accepted in the Finance Office…Cash Only!)  Refusal to turn over electronics devices or ear buds/headphones will result in a suspension.

Cell Phones and Testing

Dress Code Policy

New dress code policy coming soon

Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

If your student is in need of a Verification of Enrollment (VOE), it is their responsibility to come by the principal’s office and sign up for one.  Parents are not to call in for a VOE.  The student will not be given a VOE the same day they sign up for one. Please allow a one day turnaround.  VOE’s  are based on the student’s attendance from the previous semester.  If your  student had excessive absences from the previous semester, he/she will not be able to get a VOE until the excessive absences have been made up, or he/she has come to school for an entire semester without excessive absences.  This is a state law and there are no exceptions.

Finance Office

Langham will no longer accept personal checks for payments.  Acceptable forms of payment will be:  Cash, Money orders  and Cashier’s checks.

Delivery Policy

  • We will not accept any monetary items at the front desk. This includes checks for fundraisers and clinics your child may be attending. If you need to give your student money during the school day, you must sign in at the front desk, go to the attendance office and wait until the last five minutes of class time for your student to be sent a note to come to the attendance office and you can hand him/her the money.
  • We will not accept any floral or balloon deliveries under any circumstances for students.
  • Messages will not be sent to students telling them to come pick up items at the front desk. If your student has forgotten something such as lunch, gym clothes, assignments, etc. you may leave it at the front desk, and your student can stop by the desk to pick it up any time during the day.
  • Any item that is of value that you are leaving at the front desk, you are leaving at your own risk. We are not responsible for cameras, expensive clothing, tennis racquets, etc.
  • All items not retrieved by the end of the week will either be thrown out (if it is food) or put in the lost and found if it is clothing or other school items.
  • Messages will not be delivered to a classroom to have a student call home. If you have a true emergency your call will be routed to the student’s assistant principal for them to get the child out of class. Please be advised that telling your student to ride the bus home or walk home or where you are picking them up does not constitute a true emergency.
  • If you need to pick your child up for a doctor or dental appointment, please go through the attendance office. If the lines are busy, you need to leave a message. All students leaving campus must be checked out through the attendance office. The front desk will not send a message to your student to tell them to leave campus at a certain time for an appointment. The best way to alleviate wait time is to send a note in the morning with your child if you have a doctor’s appointment. The student can take the note to attendance in the morning and get a pass to leave class at the designated time.
  • There are no phones for student use in the front office. If students have to call home during the day, there are pay phones in the commons for their use.

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