ID Badges

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All students are required to wear their ID badge everyday on a lanyard or clipped to the collar. Students should be in compliance with the ID badge policy from the time he/she arrives at school until he/she leaves campus i.e. before/after school tutorials, club meetings, d-hall, study hall, to request a late bus ticket etc.

What if I forget my badge at home?

  • You must purchase a temporary ID badge for $1.00.
    • Upon arriving at school, students without their badge will receive a temporary badge for $1.00 from the attendance office.
    • Temporary badges are good for one day only.
    • Temporary badges may only be purchased for only 3 days in a row before a replacement badge must be purchased.
  • All ID fines must be paid in full in order for a student to exempt exams or to participate in specified activities.

What if I lose my badge and need to purchase a new one?

  • You must request a replacement badge for $3.00. 

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