Junior Election Speeches


Anh Nguyen  

Hey Langham Creek Class of 2019! My name is Anh Nguyen and I’m running for YOUR Junior Class President this year! With freshman and sophomore year behind us, we emerge as more seasoned and experienced individuals and embark on a new, inevitably difficult journey called junior year. As juniors, we’re not expected to immediately know everything there is to know about school and the future beyond us. That’s why I’m here to be your guide, your helping hand, your second mom as you navigate through the obstacles and hurdles of junior year. With plenty of leadership experience under my belt, including freshman representative of Interact, Co-President of Interact, Quartermaster of Science Olympiad, Technical Liaison of National English Honor Society, Vice President of National English Honor Society, Engines of Change Student Ambassador, AND your Sophomore Class President last year, I will make it my personal mission to help you reach not only your full potential, but step out of your comfort zone. I want to have the chance to nurture you into a great person and inspire you to achieve greatness every day, because I know that each and every one of us is special and that all of our quirks and differences all contribute to one cohesive and diverse student body.

If I am elected President, I will create an accessible forum on Langham’s website where juniors can submit any questions or ideas they may have throughout the year. As President, I will take the initiative to make YOUR junior year as amazing and as memorable as possible. I want to be able to personally help you achieve your goals and dreams, and turn those dreams into something tangible and feasible. To have the opportunity to be your president will be something that I will not take for granted. So when it’s time to vote, be sure to vote for me, Anh Nguyen, for your 2017-2018 Junior Class President.

Dylan Nguyen 

Hey Lobos! My name is Dylan Nguyen and I’m running for class president of 2019. So...you’ve finally arrived and had a taste of what junior year is like. College is right around the corner and you’ve been through a lot your high school career. You decide this year will be different and I couldn’t agree more, but we’ll need some change. This year, if we can get Langham’s administrative team to collaborate with our student council, we will conduct fruitful discussions and obtain student input about what matters most. I firmly believe that the power of the pack and the “esprit de corps” are what make Langham Creek distinct and unrivaled. During the last 3 years at Langham, I’ve seen the community in Lobo nation and I’m sure you have too, from the tremendous support from student sections at games to volunteers lending a hand to those in need. We are more successful as a pack and with your voices, we can effect change. If you are curious about how I’ve been involved at Langham Creek, I have been a member of our Spanish Honor Society, Orchestra, Swimming and Water Polo Teams, Science Olympiad, and Interact.

Saying what we’ll do is easy, but let’s make sure we do what we say this year. If I am appointed the president, I promise to end all homework. Just kidding. But I would love to represent Langham Creek’s Junior Class and make sure our voices are heard by the Langham Creek administration because we are kind of a B19 deal.  We’ll work together to help the community through our volunteer efforts to show the community how dedicated Langham Creek is.Teamwork will make the dream work; your vote can and will spark the change to enhance Lobo Nation. 

Toni Ricks 

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