Junior Election Speeches

Eriny Atia

Hey everyone! For those who don’t know me , I I am Eriny Atia and I am running for Class Officer! I’m going to try to keep my speech short and simple so you guys don’t skim through it likes it’s a Terms and Conditions agreement ( come on, I know we all do that). I fully understand the responsibilities that come with this position, and trust me, I am up for the challenge! In fact, I can guarantee you I’ll be successful and dedicated. As student officer, many of the tasks will require responsibility and adhering to deadlines. Ask any teacher at this school. Have I ever lost or turned in a paper late? Not only am I organized, I am also happy to help!! I want this year and next year to be FULL of fun- I already have some ideas that I can hopefully start working on soon! If I am elected as a class officer I’ll work as hard as I can to make sure you make the best memories this year at Langham Creek. Let’s make junior year a blast! I hope that you show your support by voting for me!

Jessica Bates

Dear Junior Class of 2020, my name is Jessica Bates and I am running for class officer. This year is my second year of being an officer of Science Olympiad; this year I am Vice President. Because of this, I have familiarized myself with the importance of commitment and teamwork in order to achieve a common goal in the perspective of a leader. With what I have learned, I plan to reflect that same dedication on our Junior Class as your officer. But this isn’t all about me; it is about representing you and your voice. As officer, I would like to create a way for students to submit their ideas for how they would like to see Langham improve because your opinions are important and deserve to be heard. Among many other ideas I have, I would also like to play music during lunches on Fridays to give us something fun to look forward to at the end of the week.

We only have two more years as Lobos, so we must do all that we can to make the best of our remaining time. I feel I possess both the dedication and adequate experience in order to represent us juniors and to make change happen. However, I cannot do this without you, Class of 2020. Give me a chance to harness my potential, allow your voice to be heard, and please vote for me! :)

Isbella Bohannon

Fellow class of 2020, my name is Izzy Bohannon and I am running to be an officer of our amazing junior class. I know that with my ideas we can fully have our voices heard and see real change and improvement in our school. If elected, I will address any problem areas that my peers would like to see improve. If history is any indication, I have proven my ability to achieve results without making any empty promises. Think about it, when was the last time I’ve let you down? Including my current experience as a Langham Creek cheerleader, I know what dedication feels like and I am determined to make class officer my top priority. Due to my aforementioned experience with cheering, I am a very spirited person with a desire to not only fulfill the duties of officer but to reinforce a positive attitude and school spirit within Langham! For starters who may not know much about my qualifications, here we go. Back to the basics of, “what does aa officer even do?!?!” you may be thinking. Well in the broadest sense I would work towards making this year our BEST year yet of high-school. If you ask just about anybody, improvement in all aspects is almost as big a passion of mine as catering to the needs of my junior class. Who would be a better person to be YOUR class officer than me, someone who loves hard work at a level almost equivalent to the love they have for dedication to their responsibilities and student body? Put your trust in me and elect me as your next student body officer where I can assure you that your concerns will become MY concerns. I can’t wait to work together among everybody to make Langham Creek High the best environment for us all!

Azariah Haro

coming soon

Alia Nathani 

Greetings fellow members of the Langham Creek Class of 2020! My name is Alia Nathani and I hope to be your junior class officer!

As Sheryl Sandberg once said, “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” And that’s exactly what I aim to do. As we grow older and progress further in our high school journey, our path forward seems steeper and imbued with more obstacles than we have ever seen before. Nonetheless, we are all capable of overcoming these hurdles and succeeding if we encourage and support each other in this journey. We all need a helping hand, and I’m asking you, LCHS class of 2020, will you give me the opportunity to be that helping hand, to be the shoulder you can lean on, to be the foundation that helps you aim higher and achieve more?

To be a leader means not only to exemplify good character and be kind and dedicated, but also to be passionate and effectual. Good leaders are ones who listen to and recognize the concerns of their peers and take committed strides to resolve those concerns. From my various leadership positions as Communications Officer of Science Olympiad, a co-president of Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), to Secretary of National English Honor Society, I have gained much experience in being that leader. I can effectively interact with my peers, understand them, and help them achieve their goals and rise to their full potential.

I also participate in volunteer clubs such as Habitat for Humanity and Interact, with the intention of improving my community and making it a better place for everyone. My ambition is to make your junior year as unforgettable as possible, to make our school a place where every soul will thrive, and our class the best that Langham Creek has ever seen and will ever see. If you elect me as a junior class officer, I will put every effort into ensuring that every voice is heard and every idea is considered. I will be the voice that represents YOU, so that you can have the best learning environment possible. Together, each of us, from our different backgrounds and with our varying perspectives, can contribute to the diversity that makes us unique and helps us achieve excellence both in and out of school. With the combined potential of every member of the Langham Creek Class of 2020, I know the lobo pack can surpass any limit; and with a good leader to organize and guide the pack, I know the sky will just be our starting point.

So lobos of the LCHS class of 2020, I ask once again, will you give me your vote, the honor of being your leader, of being the one who stimulates the change you wish to see? Vote Alia Nathani for LCHS junior class officer!

Aira Pasha

Hey guys, my name is Aira Pasha, and I’m running for your 2020 junior class officer! I’m sure you don’t want to read a whole essay as to why you should vote for me, so I am going to keep this as quick as possible. Last year when I was sophomore class treasurer it showed me the amount of responsibility and dedication it takes to be one of your leading officers to such an outstanding class. This year I am willing to put in the same effort and dedication times 10 to be the best class officer I can be. The class officer positions come with a great deal of leadership, compassion, and effort which is why the aspiration of being your class officer is so incredible. All I can promise you is that with your vote, we can work together to make our time in high school the best it can possibly be.

 Are you tired of doing the same old things year after year? Are you ready to do something different? Well if yes, then choosing me for a junior class officer is exactly what you need. You may start thinking like “What exactly would you be doing if you were an officer?”. Well what I would like to do is make sure everyone has a voice because just having a say in the actions that will affect you can really make a difference in the little things. Yes, it may seem cliché like “I want everyone to have a voice” but believe me when I say that voting for me will be the best decision you ever make, and not just for you but the entire junior class. I assure you that I will certainly try with all my effort to make this year as memorable as possible.

I will make sure that every one of your opinions are taken into consideration. With your vote I can make the fantasies about high school a reality. I will make sure you have the best year of your life. My goal is to promote positivity around the campus. Seeing everyone smile is what brings joy to my face and I hope then voting for me will put a smile on all your faces as well. I may not be the most well-known person running for class officer, but I promise to acknowledge each and every one of you.

You matter. Your opinion matters. Don't choose someone who will make all the decisions for you. Don't vote for the person who will pick whatever their friends want them to choose. Choose someone who wants to be your spokesperson. Choose someone who cares about what you want.

Choose me, Aira Pasha, for your junior class officer!

Jyothika Rajagopalan

Hey guys! It’s Jyothika Rajagopalan. I’m mostly known for my extremely long name, but I also want to be known as your class officer, class of 2020. To be an officer there is requirements which are great leadership skills, to be responsible, trustworthiness, and humbleness, and these qualities are what I possess. When I walked into Langham as a Freshman I was worried that I wouldn’t have any classes with the friends that I already have, and to be honest there were some classes where I didn’t know anyone, and as days went by I made new friends which made me learn that I love getting to know new people and being able to communicate with one another. I’m determined to be a leader who assists my class whenever any problem comes in my way and also a dedicated leader for my fellow friends and peers. I will work to my best with the other leaders to make Langham Creek High School 11th grade class a better place.

I will make sure that I will be about to express our needs to develop and execute any programs, ideas, and activities that you may convey. Though we may be different, I have realized that everyone is similar in our own ways. I have learned an ability to get to know others, communicate with them, and understand the need and desires as students as us. Also, I have obtained important listening skills, which helps me convey every work you may ask me to help you by being your voice, and I’m also known for my loud voice, I will not let this loud voice go to waste, I will use to be your voice and to make sure that our class gets their opinions out.

From being in dance, singing, SASA (a club that I have organized), Debate, other clubs, and MANY AP classes, I have learned how to organize and sort my priorities and get the job done correctly and perfectly. This can be seen how I balance my extracurricular activities and my sustained academic success. I am very much excited to be running for this big and very much important job, but I am up for the challenge to support our extremely awesome class of 2020!

 Chloe Tang

Hey guys, this is Chloe Tang, and it’s that time of year again to vote for class officers! As your Class President last year, I had the pleasure of leading and representing our class as we accomplished many wonderful achievements throughout our Sophomore year. With that being said, it would be my privilege to garner your vote and lead as one of your junior class officers this year!

As an avid and ambitious student, I am very passionate about being active in school organizations and activities. Along with the challenging classes I am taking, I am a proud officer of Key Club and Habitat for Humanity, as well as a member of other various clubs such as Science Olympiad and Interact. You can be sure to spot me volunteering at events on the weekends or staying after during the week to plan out meetings or prepare for Science Olympiad competitions! On top of that, you can find me working part-time with students at Kumon as I help them learn more about the fundamentals of math and reading. As a result, I definitely utilize time management and organization to stay accountable of my tasks and to accomplish all that I want to do!

Additionally, I constantly aim to spread positivity and optimism wherever I go! However cliché this may sound, I truly believe that a smile can go a long way and that simply saying “good morning” to people as I pass by them in the hallway, as well as staying positive in the midst of chaos, can honestly make a world of a difference. Going off of that, I also strive to make myself as welcoming and approachable as possible as I want to be a friendly face that everyone knows they can go to when they have any kind of questions or concerns!

It’s safe to say that junior year is our most vigorous one yet as we involve ourselves in classes that more specifically pertain to our interests and future careers, all while staying active in sports and various organizations. However, it’s important to know that you’ll be able to count on me to successfully lead our class to yet another exciting year as I constantly strive to maintain a positive and healthy environment for all of us! With my accountable, hard-working nature and optimistic attitude, I believe I embody the qualifications needed to be a successful leader and know that you won’t regret voting for me as a junior class officer!


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