Senior Election Speeches

Allison Vicklund

What’s up Senior Lobos! For those who refuse to read everything- the bolded parts are for you. (Look at that, I’m already making Senior Year easier.) If you are looking to make that senior year Instagram caption, “Last year, best year” true, then vote for me, Allison Vicklund, for Senior Class Officer!

Not only do I have expertise as an officer- I have been YOUR Class Treasurer Sophomore and Junior year- but I also have insight to what can make Senior Year unforgettable in the best ways possible. My older sister graduated in 2016 and my best friend graduated just this past year, and I have personally heard all about what made their year so great. I want to listen to you, too! Of course, I have so many creative ideas- especially in collaboration from the 2017 officers- from senior bonding events to the details about prom(woohoo!), and I want to hear what will make your senior year the best and then MAKE IT HAPPEN. Back during sophomore year, I was approached by a fellow student about making class t-shirts, and I helped MAKE IT HAPPEN, so there is truth to my promises. Highschool is a challenging place where lots of growth occurs, but honestly what you put in is what you will get out of it. Together, we can (say it with me now) MAKE IT HAPPEN, to have the best year yet.

Let’s all reach graduation (248 days and counting!) with amazing memories and great success. We should be able to look back at our legacy and say, WE MADE IT HAPPEN. “Things 2019 Langham Seniors did: THAT!”

Go vote Seniors!

Michael Welsh

In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish."These words, spoken by Donald Trump, embody my mindset as a future class officer. My name is Michael Welsh, I want to get things done for YOU, class of 2019. All I care about is results. I’ll be available to you for any suggestions always; I’m here to represent your best interests.

On campus I’ve been a member of Habitat for Humanity, FCA, FFA, Model UN, NHS, and SASA. However, none of these organizations compare to Air Force JROTC. As the Corps Commander of our school’s corps, I know what it takes to be the leader. It’s not about being the best at something, it’s about making everyone else better. I take care of my people. I’ve spent years as a cadet serving our school and community, now I want to do more. I’m dedicated to Langham Creek, I love our school- it’s the best in the district, after all.

A vote for me is a vote for yourself. Your own interests, needs, and ideas. I can’t wait to represent y’all as a class officer!

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