Senior Election Speeches


Courtney McKinney

Courtney McKinney, your class president, has more than a nice ring;
It’s School spirit, dedication and excitement I’ll bring.

Serving each of you, I’d be honored to do;
Taking your ideas and goals, then seeing them through.

One for all and all for one;
This is the platform on which I will run.

Though all of us different, we’re also the same;
We’re LCHS Seniors with black and red in our veins! 

So, let’s join together, work hard and have fun;
Finishing strong, our journey as Lobos, where it all first begun. 

Four years of memories, some old and some new;
Celebrating traditions and success but most of all, celebrating YOU! 

Making the class of twenty-eighteen the best there will ever be;
Vote Courtney McKinney, as your president, because you can’t go wrong with me! 

Sharon Anwana 

Cristian Garay 

I know that Senior year is a very important year for all of us! That’s why I’m here to serve you- the class of 2018.

I also know that Senior year is one of the busiest year in high school; each of us is trying to make good grades to go to a good college and trying to submit piles of applications by the deadline. 

That’s why you need an experienced candidate. I have been president of the class of 2018 two years in a row. This president is ready to get back up and serve you how you deserve!

Guiuiliana Orbe

Senior year is the year most high school students look forward to. The year that we not only worked hard to get to, but also the year that all of us want to enjoy to the fullest. A lot of pride and joy comes from being able to say we’re seniors so we deserve someone that can work hard to make sure that this is one of the greatest years in all of our high school experience. As class president I will aim to make our final year at Langham Creek memorable and enjoyable. I will be the person to fully commit to the needs of our class and proudly represent all of the extraordinary people that make up our class of 2018. In conclusion, voting for me would ensure a great year to come and I hope to be the person to make that happen. Vote for me and I’ll guarantee a great year! Thank you.

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