Sophomore Election Speeches


Ahya Elsayed

Being kind is great. Being intelligent is fabulous. But kindness, intelligence, leadership, and assertiveness are all essential qualities of an effective leader.

As president and founder of the Langham Creek chapter of the Black Student Association, I have demonstrated initiative and leadership. I also made a point of making the organization open to everyone who supports our mission of service to the community.

Anyone who has ever been in a class with me can attest to the fact that I assert myself. I stand up for myself, my peers, and my convictions without hesitation -- while still being respectful and humble.

As students, we need a voice in every decision that impacts us - from who teaches us to the numerous issues associated with lunch. We need someone who is not afraid to be that voice. I am not afraid. 

 I have everything it takes to be your president. May I, Ahya Elsayed, have your vote for sophomore class president?

Nadine Lee 

Hello LCHS Class of 2020,
My name is Nadine Lee and I am running as a candidate for this years class president.
In this position, I can assure you that I will work extremely hard and make sure to listen to each and every one of your ideas so that we can make Langham Creek the best that it can be. Now, please don't think of me as some random bobblehead looking goodie two shoes candidate cause even though I am one, I am also more importantly one of your classmates or hopefully a friend! Therefore like a BFF, I’ll work to support you guys by communicating with you, keeping you informed with whats going on at our school, presenting many fun and exciting new ideas, and making sure to fix any problems or challenges that approach our campus. Because I am a girl who believes that in a good school, everyone should hold an important spot in their campus,
I will make sure that every decision I make is determined by all of your precious inputs because cooperation is the key to a happy school environment right? Among some of my ideas for the year are fundraising events like an international festival where we can express Langham’s beautiful diversity which my friend Tolu has shed light on, creating cute(r) SORRY, class t-shirts, and creating support groups where students can volunteer to help other students who are going through tough times, whether its school stress, not understanding a unit in a class, or personal dilemmas, by sending them encouraging messages or agreeing to have a one on one with them
at lunch! As a fellow Lobo at LCHS, I believe that the class of 2020 has extreme potential, after all we are Langham’s perfect vision! I trust that together, we can make our school better than it has ever been, and our school is pretty great already. Beyonce once said , “ As soon as I accomplish something, I set a higher goal. Thats how I’ve gotten to where I am.” I believe that Langham Creek should thrive through the words of Queen B. We should continuously set goals so that we can accomplish many things other schools haven’t. And if you elect me for class president, I promise that I’ll make this happen. I like to say that I have the qualities of a good leader for I am passionate in everything I do, determined, organized, and open minded. I love volunteering and have been volunteering for events in and out of school since 3rd grade. I also
believe that I have a lot of experience when it comes to leadership. I was Student Council President of Aragon Middle School in 8th grade, I have volunteered at my church as a Vacation Bible School teacher since 6th grade, and I am going to be the president of an upcoming Korean club (btw if BTS or KPOP culture interests you JOIN PLEASE). Therefore, I am asking for your vote. Vote Nadine Lee if you want our school to reach for the sky and top all others.

Please, grab my hand and lets begin our journey together, for we Lobos are a pack and wolves in a pack stick together. VOTE FOR ME PLEASE AND GO LOBOS! I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

Chloe Tang

Hi, Class of 2020, this is Chloe Tang!

I am running for Sophomore Class President as I feel that I have the potential to lead our class to its greatest heights. As President, I hope to make a positive impact by creating a student community in which everyone feels comfortable and united as Class of 2020. I aim to be the voice of our class where I will do everything in my power to come up with solutions for any sort of concerns or problems that you may have.

I want you to know that I am a responsible, diligent, yet approachable, and friendly student since I believe all of those qualities are crucial for a leader. I am an extremely dedicated student as I take challenging classes and am an active member of Science Olympiad, Interact, Habitat for Humanity, and Key Club. Multiple times a week, you can find me in a club meeting or preparing for various Science Olympiad events. Additionally, on weekends, you can be sure to spot me participating in various volunteering opportunities in order to support Langham Creek and help the community! With my hardworking demeanor, I am confident that I can take on this position with determination and optimism as I display all of the “PACK” attributes.

Hearing about my undeniable aspirations to make the Class of 2020 the best class Langham Creek has ever had, I hope that you will vote for me, Chloe Tang, as I would love to serve and lead you as 2020 Class President! 

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