Student Parking

Parking Application 2017-2018

Student Parking spots sold....

All students will need their official class schedule in order to purchase a parking spot, in addition to all the other items, i.e., $50 exact cash only, proof of valid driver's license, proof of valid vehicle insurance on the car/truck you will be driving to school. No e-mails (or fax) will be accepted. Only one vehicle can be registered with the school. No Exception!

All student vehicles must be registered, and the parking sticker visible in the lower left hand corner of the driver's inside windshield.

Please keep in mind that with our new Cy-Fair Police Department implemented this year, parking and/or moving violations can be dealt with by issuing citations/tickets, in addition to behavioral consequences and revocation of student parking privileges. Practice safety: drive defensively, lower your speed, look both ways, watch-out for pedestrian/walkers, and be patient.

LCHS Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Students can only be dropped off in certain school property areas; on the West (Barker-Cypress side), the new science wing is available as a drop-off area. Students may also be dropped-off on the East side (drill team/metal shop entrance), or the Vocational area (Cosmetology classroom across from Hudson Oaks Drive). The Front entrance from the horseshoe drive (FM 529) is another viable option.
Pick-up locations are the same, with the exception of the West Lot. There is no 'through' traffic in the afternoon after 2:45 pm. That student lot becomes the band marching/practice field in the afternoon.

We ask that you proceed with utmost caution as you drive through our property lots. We are expecting over 3000 students every day arriving in assorted 'modes' of transportation, including many of them walking.

Please remember, no student is to be dropped off behind the auditorium where the buses load and unload, as well as, behind the gyms/tennis court area.

Click here for a printable map.

Drop Off Map for LCHS

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